Team Leadership Development

For Teams

We create custom-built leadership development workshops based on your team's need and match content, skills, and assessments. We use a parallel process model of training in which participants will learn leadership skills in a way that allows them to then coach the skills to their reports. This is done in a style emphasizing communication and open discussion, welcoming the entire team's perspectives and experiences. Modules are held either in person or online via GoToMeeting.

The use of assessments can be helpful in getting a more objective view of oneself as well as perspective of differences in others. When possible we use free and readily available assessments so that the leader can later use with their direct reports and to keep immediate and future costs down. The assessments also allow for group profiling to understand the culture of the group as a whole.

Past modules have included:
  1. You are not "Normal" - Understanding the Perspectives of Others*
  2. Conflict and Communication*
  3. Motivating Yourself and Others
  4. Stress, Self-Care and Work/Life-Balance
  5. Time Management and Mastery
  6. Generating and Fostering Creativity
  7. Diversity & Inclusion
Pricing: Each 2-hour module is priced at $200 + $25/participant*
(Non-for profit and corporate bulk discounts available)
*Modules 1 and 2 are generally required foundation modules. All other modules are optional additions

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