Research Study - Positive Goal Progression:
The following is a study on the new field of Positive Goal Progression. If you would like to get better at setting goals and following through with them and are a full time employee or full time student, this is your opportunity to sign up for free training as part of the study.

Participants must be:
-18 years of age or older
-A fulltime employee OR A fulltime student
Participation includes:
-3 15-minute surveys (pre-training, post-training, and 4-month post-training)
-Random enrollment in a 2-, 4-, or 6-week positive-goal-progression training program
          -Each week of training consists of 1 self-paced module
          -Training modules should take less than 45 minutes each (self-paced)
If interested, please click on the following link:
Feel free to forward this on to anyone else that you feel may benefit or would be interested.

4th World Congress on Positive Psychology

June 25-28, 2015 - Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Poster Title:
Training PsyCap and Signature Strength Use to Instill a Self-Regulated Virtuous Cycle

Poster Abstract:
This poster illustrates an important practical application of recent theoretical findings that may aid in increased use of signature strengths and Psychological Capital. It is likely that the self-regulation of psychological resources increases from both state-like and trait-like capacities combined. The awareness and practice of using trait-like characteristics of signature strengths creates a more permanent resource for the individual, which an individual can always rely on but may lack motivation to use. The motivational state-like characteristics of PsyCap may open or close one’s perception of having the strength or the drive to use the strength. Because it is more transient, PsyCap may be reinforced by the knowledge and past use of more permanent traits of signature strengths. Similarly, the use of signature strengths may be bolstered by the practice of combined use with PsyCap. By combining both of these in training toward the creation and pursuance of an individual’s goals, there should be an interactive effect that causes both the state and trait psychological resources to be more accessible than either by themselves. Because the use of each is associated with positive emotions and intrinsic reward, a virtuous cycle should occur that reinforces the use of both over time.

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