About Us


Too often, it is assumed that the organization and the employee exist in a contentious power struggle where the best outcome they could hope for is compromise. In fact, there is another option: Employees can find meaning and purpose in work and thus give it their all, provide the best of their talents, maintain their own motivation, and stay loyal to the organization that gives them the ability to grow and develop. This is what we want to ignite in our clients.

Our Approach

We marry the best tried-and-true principles of business psychology and management science to the latest discoveries in positive psychology to help your organization and its people identify their strengths, focus their skills, create their own happiness and sense of purpose, and become mindful of their thoughts and motivations. Having developed that foundation, we then work on how your people interact with each other as a group and organization as a whole.

Why It Works

Empirical research has found that focusing on positive psychology in the workplace leads to many benefits for both the individual employee as well as the organization as a whole. These include higher satisfaction, engagement, commitment, competence, relatedness, well-being, work performance, retention and lower stress, cynicism, incivility, deviant behavior, absenteeism, depression and recovery time from illness. Put together, it means a better bottom line.